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Filming in Cyprus

The island of Cyprus with its year-round sunshine, great variety of film friendly natural landscapes and tiny traveling distances, provides the ideal location for any production looking for stunning scenery at great affordable rates.


1. Excellent Geographical Location & Connectivity

  • Film friendly natural landscapes
  • Short internal distances
  • Stunning scenery with glimmering beaches and picturesque mountains
  • Great affordable rates
  • Centuries of art and culture
  • Modern infrastructure and advanced telecommunications

    2. Weather

      • Year-round sunshine
      • One of the best climates in the world
      • Long summers
      • Mild winters

        3. The Cyprus filming scheme.

          • 45% cash rebate
          • Tax credit
          • Tax allowance
          • Return of VAT on expenditure for third countries

            4. Legal Assistance

              • Film scheme application services
              • Direct tax services
              • Indirect Tax services
              • Immigration Services